Singles Squash Rules


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APPEAL - A player’s request to the Referee to review a Marker’s call or lack of a call, or to appeal that the ball is broken.


ATTEMPT - Any forward movement of the racket towards the ball. A fake swing is also an attempt, but racket preparation with only a backswing and no forward movement towards the ball is not an attempt.


BOX (SERVICE-BOX) - A square area on each side of the court bounded by the short-line, a side wall and by 2 other lines, from where the server serves.


CORRECTLY - When the ball is struck with the racket, held in the hand, not more than once, and without prolonged contact on the racket.


DOWN - A return that hits the tin or the floor before reaching the front wall, or hits the front wall and then the tin.


FAIR VIEW - Enough time to view the ball and prepare to strike it as it returns from the front wall.


FAULT – A serve that is not good.


FURTHER ATTEMPT - A subsequent attempt by the striker to serve or return a ball that is still in play, after having already made one or more attempts.


GAME - A part of a match. A player must win 3 games to win a best of 5-game match and 2 games to win a best of 3-game match.


GOOD RETURN - A return that is struck correctly and that travels to the front wall either directly or after hitting another wall or walls without going out, and that hits the front wall above the tin and below the out-line.


HAND­OUT - A change of server.


LET - The result of a rally that a player does not win. The server serves again from the same box.


MATCH - The complete contest including the warm-up.


NOT UP - A return that:

a player does not strike correctly;

or        bounces more than once on the floor before being struck;

or        touches the striker or the striker’s clothing.


OUT - A return that:

hits the wall on or above the out-line;

or        hits any fixture above the out-line;

or        hits the top edge of any wall of the court;

or        passes over a wall and out of the court;

or        passes through any fixture.


QUARTER COURT - One of two equal parts of the court bounded by the short line, a side wall, the back wall and the half­-court line.


RALLY - A good serve followed by one or more alternate returns until one player fails to make a good return.




SHAPING - The preparation of the racket prior to making an attempt.


STRIKER - A player is the striker from the moment the opponent’s return rebounds from the front wall until the player’s return hits the front wall.


TIN - The area of the front wall covering the full width of the court and extending from the floor up to and including the lowest horizontal line.


TURNING - The action of the striker who strikes, or is in a position to strike, the ball to the right of the body after the ball has passed behind it to the left or vice versa, whether the striker physically turns or not.

Note: Shaping (preparing) to play the ball on one side and then bringing the racket across the body to strike the ball on the other side is neither turning nor making a further attempt.


WINNING RETURN - A good return that the opponent could not reach.


WRONG-FOOTED - The situation when a player, anticipating the path of the ball, moves in one direction, while the striker strikes the ball in another direction.

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