Singles Squash Rules


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Clive Pollard

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May be used where the technology is available.

1. A player may request a review of an Interference decision of Let, Stroke or No Let only, but may not appeal any Marker calls. Each player has one review per game; if the original decision is overruled, the player retains the review.

2. The player must clearly and immediately ask the Central Referee (CR) for a “Video Review, please.”

3. The CR then states: “Video review, please, (player’s name), on the Yes, Let/No Let/Stroke decision.”

4. The replays will be shown on the screens.

5. The decision of the Video Review Official, whose decision is final, will be displayed on the screens.

6. The CR then states either: “Yes, Let/No Let/Stroke decision upheld, (player’s name) has no review remaining”; or “Yes, Let/No Let/Stroke decision overruled, (player’s name) has 1 review remaining.”

7. When the score reaches 10-all, each player will have only 1 further review available. Unused reviews may not be carried over beyond the score of 10-all or into any following games. The CR announces: “10-all, a player must win by 2 points. Each player has 1 review available.”

8. If a video review is unavailable because of technical difficulties, this will not count as a review being used.

A further very recent modification to the refereeing system for PSA events is the use of a single Referee together with a single Video Referee. The Referee may make own decisions, but may also invoke the Video Referee if in doubt. A player may request a review to the Video Referee against any decision of the Referee, but may not appeal against the final decision of the Video Referee.

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