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A squash court is a rectangular area bounded by 4 walls: the front wall, 2 side walls and the back wall. It has a level floor and a clear height above the court area.


Length of court between playing surfaces                                   9750 mm

Width of court between playing surfaces                                    6400 mm

Diagonal                                                                                       11665 mm

Height above floor to lower edge of front-wall line                        570 mm

Height above floor to lower edge of back-wall line                    2130 mm

Height above floor to lower edge of service-line on front wall   1780 mm

Height above floor to upper edge of tin                                         480 mm

Distance to nearest edge of short-line from back wall              4260 mm

Internal dimensions of service-boxes                                         1600 mm

Width of all lines                                                                                 50 mm

Minimum clear height above the floor of the court                     5640 mm


1. The side-wall lines connect the front-wall line and the back-wall line.

2. The service-box is a square formed by the short-line, one side wall and two other lines marked on the floor.

3. The length, width and diagonal of the court are measured at a height of 1000 mm above the floor.

4. It is recommended that the front-wall line, side-wall lines, back- wall line and the top 50mm of the tin be shaped so as to deflect any ball that strikes them.

5. The tin must not project from the front wall by more than 45 mm.

6. It is recommended that the door to the court be in the centre of the back wall.

7. The general configuration of a squash court, its dimensions and its markings are illustrated on the diagram at Appendix 7.2.


A squash court may be constructed from various materials providing they have suitable ball rebound characteristics and are safe for play; however, the WSF publishes a Squash Court Specification which contains recommended standards. A National or Regional Governing Body may require that the WSF standards must be met for competitive play.

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