Introduction to Squash Rules


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Maximum length                                                                    686 mm

Maximum width, measured at right angles to the shaft     215 mm

Maximum length of strings                                                   390 mm

Maximum strung area                                                           500 sq. cm

Minimum width of any frame or any structural member (measured in plane of strings)                                                                         7 mm

Maximum depth of any frame or other structural member (measured at right angles to plane of strings)                                              26 mm

Minimum radius of outside curvature of frame at any point 50 mm

Minimum radius of curvature of any edge of frame or other structural member                                                                                       2 mm


Maximum weight                                                                     255 g


a) The head of the racket is defined as that part of the racket containing or surrounding the strung area.

b) Strings and string ends must be recessed within the racket head or, in cases where such recessing is impractical because of racket material, or design, must be protected by a securely attached bumper strip.

c) The bumper strip must be made of a flexible material which cannot crease into sharp edges following abrasive contact with the floor or walls.

d) The bumper strip shall be of a white, colourless or unpigmented material. Where for cosmetic reasons a manufacturer chooses to use a coloured bumper strip, then the manufacturer shall demonstrate to the satisfaction of the WSF that this does not leave a coloured deposit on the walls or floor of the court after contact.

e) The frame of the racket shall be of a colour and/or material which will not mark the walls or floor following an impact in normal play.

f) Strings shall be gut, nylon or a substitute material, provided metal is not used.

g) Only two layers of strings shall be allowed and these shall be alternately interlaced or bonded where they cross and the string pattern shall be generally uniform and form a single plane over the racket head.

h) Any grommets, string spacers or other devices attached to any part of the racket shall be used solely to limit or prevent wear and tear or vibration and be reasonable in size and placement for such purpose. They shall not be attached to any part of the strings within the hitting area (defined as the area formed by overlapping strings).

i) There shall be no unstrung areas within the racket construction such that will allow the passage of a sphere greater than 50mm in diameter.

j) The total racket construction including the head shall be symmetrical about the centre of the racket in a line drawn vertically through the head and shaft and when viewed face on.

k) All changes to the racket specification will be subject to a notice period of two years before coming into force.

The WSF shall rule on the question of whether any racket or prototype complies with the above specifications, or is otherwise approved or not approved for play and will issue guidelines to assist in the interpretation of the above.

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