Singles Squash Rules


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13.1 A player who drops a racket may pick it up and play on, unless the ball touches the racket, or distraction occurs, or the Referee applies a Conduct Penalty.


13.2 A striker who drops the racket because of interference may request a let.


13.3 A non-striker who drops the racket because of contact during the strikerís effort to reach the ball may request a let, and Rule 12 (Distraction) applies.


13.4 If any object, other than a playerís racket, falls to the floor during a rally, play must stop; then:

13.4.1 if the object fell from a player without any contact with the opponent, the opponent wins the rally;

13.4.2 if the object fell from a player because of contact with the opponent, a let is allowed, unless the striker has struck a winning return, or requests a let for interference, in which case Rule 8 (Interference) is applied;

13.4.3 if the object falls from a source other than a player, a let is allowed, unless

13.4.4 the strikerís winning return was interrupted, in which case the rally is awarded to the striker;

13.4.5 if the object was not seen until the rally ended and had no effect on the outcome of the rally, the result of the rally stands.

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