Singles Squash Rules

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Rule 15 – CONDUCT

Idea by Clive Pollard

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15.1 Players must comply with any tournament regulations additional to these Rules.


15.2 Players may not place any object within the court.


15.3 Players may not leave the court during a game without the permission of the Referee.


15.4 Players may not request a change of any Official.


15.5 Players must not behave in a manner that is unfair, dangerous, abusive, offensive, or in any way detrimental to the sport.


15.6 If a player’s conduct is unacceptable, the Referee must penalise the player, stopping play if necessary.

Unacceptable behaviour includes, but is not limited to:

15.6.1    audible or visible obscenity;

15.6.2    verbal, physical or any other form of abuse;

15.6.3    unnecessary physical contact, which includes pushing off the opponent;

15.6.4    dangerous play, including an excessive racket swing;

15.6.5    dissent to an Official;

15.6.6    abuse of equipment or court;

15.6.7    unfair warm-up;

15.6.8    delaying play, including being late back on court;

15.6.9    deliberate distraction;

15.6.10  receiving coaching during play.


15.7 A player guilty of an offence may be given a Conduct Warning or penalised with a Conduct Stroke, a Conduct Game, or a Conduct Match, depending on the severity of the offence.


15.8 The Referee may impose more than one warning, stroke or game to a player for a subsequent similar offence, providing any such penalty may not be less severe than the previous penalty for the same offence.


15.9 A warning or a penalty may be imposed by the Referee at any time, including during the warm-up and following the conclusion of the match.


15.10 If the Referee:

15.10.1  stops play to issue a Conduct Warning, a let is allowed;

15.10.2  stops play to award a Conduct Stroke, that Conduct Stroke becomes the result of the rally;

15.10.3  awards a Conduct Stroke after a rally has finished, the result of the rally stands, and the Conduct Stroke is added to the score with no change of service-box;

15.10.4  awards a Conduct Game, that game is the one in progress or the next one, if a game is not in progress. In the latter case, an additional interval of 90 seconds does not apply;

15.10.5  awards a Conduct Game or a Conduct Match, the offending player retains all points or games already won.


15.11 When a Conduct Penalty has been imposed, the Referee must complete any required documentation.

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