Singles Squash Rules

Rule 5 - THE SERVE

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5.1 The player who wins the spin of a racket serves first.

5.2 At the beginning of each game and after each change of server, the server chooses from which service-box to serve. Whilst retaining the serve, the server must serve from alternate boxes.


5.3 If a rally ends in a let, the server must serve again from the same box.


5.4 If the server moves to the wrong box to serve, or if a player is unsure of the correct box, the Marker must inform the players which is the correct box.


5.5 If there is any dispute about the correct box, the Referee must rule.


5.6 After the Marker has called the score, both players must resume play without unnecessary delay. However, the server must not serve before the receiver is ready.


5.7 A serve is good, if:

5.7.1      the server drops or throws the ball from a hand or racket and strikes it correctly on a first or further attempt before it touches anything else; and

5.7.2      at the time the server strikes the ball, one foot is in contact with the floor inside the service-box with no part of that foot touching any boundary of that box; and

5.7.3      the ball is struck directly to the front wall, hitting it between the service-line and the out-line, but does not hit the front and side walls at the same time; and

5.7.4      the ball, unless volleyed by the receiver, bounces for the first time in the opposite quarter-court without touching any line; and

5.7.5      the ball is not served out.


5.8 A serve that does not comply with Rule 5.7 is a fault and the receiver wins the rally.

Note: A serve that hits the service-line, or the short-line, or the half-court line, or any line bounding the top of the court, is a fault.


5.9 If the server drops or throws the ball, but makes no attempt to strike it, this is not a serve, and the server may start again.


5.10 A let is allowed if the receiver is not ready to return the serve and does not attempt to do so. However, if that serve is a fault, the server loses the rally.


5.11 If the server serves from the wrong service-box, and the server wins the rally, the rally stands and the server then serves from the alternate box.


5.12 The server must not serve until the score has been called by the Marker, who must do so without delay. In such an event, the Referee must stop play and instruct the server to wait until the score has been called.


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