Singles Squash Rules

Rule 6 – THE PLAY

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Clive Pollard

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6.1 If the serve is good,

play continues as long as each return is good,

or until a player requests a let or makes an appeal,

or one of the Officials makes a call,

or the ball hits a player, their clothing or the non-striker’s racket.


6.2 A return is good if the ball:

6.2.1      is struck correctly before it has bounced twice on the floor; and

6.2.2      without hitting either player, or their clothing or racket, hits the front wall, either directly or after hitting any other wall(s), above the tin and below the out-line, without having first bounced on the floor; and

6.2.3      rebounds from the front wall without touching the tin; and

6.2.4      is not out.

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